(N)immer Mee(h)r

performative screen instalation, mixed media, projector, mp3 .2023

(N)immer Mee(h)r is a experimental film installation with performativ screening via hand.

The mixed media multy layer artwork consists 50mm foil material, acrylics, laserprint and paint.It will be pulled through a rebuilt slide projector contuniously but differs in speed. The artist will carry the nearly 10 meter material (film) through the room as a performativ act.

While doing so the audiance will listen to an athmosperic meditative field recording composition.

(N)immer Mee(h)r is a german pun combining the phrases „nimmer mehr“ – meaning never more / never again and „immer Meer“- meaning always the sea. You can also combine „immer mehr“ – meaning more and more.

Investigating the noise of a fan and translating this into the sound of the sea, (N)immer mee(h)r is about longing. Longing for peace and freedom found in troumbling waters. Deep diving into the wide calm world of the ocean, leaving modern society and digital dependency behind.

Giving the audiance a glimse at rinsing water,they experiencing a transcendic moment of peace.